What happens to tips at Turtle Bay?

Turtle Bay requires their waiters pay back 3% of the total sales they take on each shift. So if a waiter takes £1000 in a shift, they are required to give back £30 from their tips to their employer. If a waiter is not able to pay this 3% from their tips on a shift, then the amount is to be paid through tips received in their next shift or is deducted from their pay.

Why is this an unfair policy ?

This policy relies entirely on the amount of sales generated and gives no consideration to tips actually received. Waiters do sometimes find themselves going home with no tips whatsoever (or even owing money to their employer for not making enough tips), and often find that they're giving back as much to the company as they're paid in wages.

Overall rating:

1/5 stars ( 1 / 5 stars)

Explanation: Turtle Bay routinely makes large deductions from staff tips, resulting in waiters keeping only a fraction of the tips that customers left for them. We have therefore had no choice but to award this tipping policy the lowest WhereDoMyTipsGo rating of 1 star.

Sources of information

Lisa Bachelor, The Guardian, "Restaurants’ tipping policy ‘forces waiters to pay to work’" (08.2015) [link]

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