What happens to tips at Jamie's Italian?

Jamie's Italian does not deduct any amount from cash or card tips or service charges. Card tips are however likely to be shared between your waiter, bar staff and kitchen through a system which servers have complained about and labelled as unfair.

Jamie's Italian requires their waiters pay back 2% of the total sales they take on each shift. So if a waiter takes £1000 in a shift, they must pay back up to £20 out of their credit card tips. This amount is then shared between kitchen, bar and door staff.

Why is this an unfair policy?

This tipping policy is based on total sales, and so gives no consideration to the tips actually received by the waiter. As a consequence, servers may regularly be forced to give away large portions of their earnings to other members of the restaurant staff, many of whom are already paid a higher wage.

Overall rating:

4/5 stars ( 4 / 5 stars)

Explanation: Jamie's Italian does not strictly deduct any amount from staff tips. However staff tips left on card are distributed in such a way that bares no relation to how many tips that staff member actually received during a shift.

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