What happens to tips at Bella Italia?

Bella Italia deducts 10% of tips left on card and service charges, but does not deduct from cash tips.

What are these deductions used for?

Bella Italia says that the 10% deduction from card tips and service charges is made in order to cover "the cost of credit card fees, payroll bureau processing costs and other direct house and administration costs". After these deductions, card tips and service charges are paid to staff via the company's payroll system.

How accessible does the restaurant make this information?

This information is provided on menus and on the official Bella Italia website.

Overall rating:

3/5 stars ( 3 / 5 stars)

Explanation: Bella Italia makes a small deduction to those tips left on card and as service charges. Justification for the deduction is provided, and we suggest that customers judge for themselves the necessity of this deduction. A concerted effort has been made by Bella Italia to display this information to customers on menus and on the official website. We recommend leaving tips in the form of cash at this restaurant.

Sources of information

On-site restaurant survey, Milton Keynes (09.2015)

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