What is this website for?

This website exists for the purpose of gathering and publishing information on the tipping/gratuity systems used in restaurants across the UK. In doing so, we hope that we can improve the transparency of tipping systems in the UK and increase customer awareness of where their money actually goes when they tip in a particular restaurant.

What is the problem?

Regardless of your opinions on when and where you should tip, if you do tip you expect that that money goes to the people who actually served you, right? Well, you might be surprised how often this is not the case. Too many restaurants take a cut from their staff's tips and take this as profit. Administration fees, breakage costs and incentive systems are common excuses for these sorts of practices. In the end, too many of these systems just seem to be an act to hoodwink the customer into giving up a little more cash to the company behind the restaurant.?

Why should I care?

1. Like it or not, the fact is that tips heavily incentivise servers to work hard and provide an excellent experience for the customer; most servers rely on tips to bump up their minimum wage to something that they can live on. So if your server is only able to take home a fraction of their tips, then they will have only a fraction of the incentive to provide you with the best possible service.
2. The personal wellbeing of the people who work in restaurants.
3. The possibility that you might be unknowingly giving your money away to a company who are exploiting the lowest paid members of their workforce.

What does the law say about this?

Not very much. In 2009, the UK government brought in a set of guidelines called the Code of Best Practice on Service Charges, Tips, Gratuities and Cover Charges. These stated that restaurants should be able to provide customers with information on where tips go, what deductions are made, and what those deductions are actually used for. Unfortunately, these are only guidelines for best practice, and not laws. So companies are not required by law to provide any information on what happens to tips. And it's certainly true that many don't; we have found ourselves that many refuse to comment on how tips are distributed, and fewer still are prepared to provide all the information recommended by government guidelines.

How does the star rating system work?

WhereDoMyTipsGo ratings range from 1-star (worst) to 5-star (best). Three measures are considered for these star ratings:
1. Whether a deduction is made (-2 stars for any deduction).
2. How transparent the restaurant is about any deduction or tip sharing (-1 star if information is not clearly provided on the official website and menus/bills).
3. An overall measure of fairness of the tipping system (based mainly on staff feedback).

I noticed a mistake! What should I do?

You should let us know. We conduct staff surveys and contact all restaurants featured on this website to ensure that all the information we publish here is accurate and up-to-date, but mistakes can happen.

Are you going to add more restaurants to the website?

Yes. Adding a larger selection of restaurants is ongoing, and will be a gradual process. Our current focus is chain restaurants, since these are the most prevalent and most easily surveyed. We do however intend to include independent restaurants in the future. If you would like to submit a specific restaurant for inclusion on WhereDoMyTipsGo.com, please contact us.